Flexible LED and high quality Linear LED , LED Tape , LED Strip and Linear Lighting

LED Flex is UK's largest distributor of LED lighting fixtures. The Company is into the production of Flexible LED and High Quality Linear LED, LED Tape, LED Strip and Linear Lighting since 2010 and has been actively setting trends in terms of the design and technology.

We are pioneers in developing and distributing LED Technologies. Our products are unique and qualitative and our services fast and reliable. We have hundreds of LED Flex and other LED Lighting Products in our cataloguethat provides you an opportunity to select from an array of options.

Linear LED

Our Linear LED lights bring premium quality uninterrupted lines of LED illumination with appropriate driver, fixture and controls. The LED System delivers a soft volume of light that carries the character of the natural light. This inbuilt performance is consistent and does not fluctuate during operation. You may get it personalised as per your requirements and choice or choose from a wide range of products.

LED Tape

Whether you have the mood for the colourful lights or the typical white lights, we offer high, standard and RGB tape lights to you. There is a wide range of colors to choose both in 12-Volt or 24-Volt.Such colors range from green, orange, red, blue to white or warm white. LED tapes create stunning looks to your ambience creating the effects exactly how you need them and where you need them.

LED Strip

We have a wide variety of both, weather proof and non-weather proof LED Strip lights. The strips are flexible which can easily be installed with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing and can be cut into the LED segments. The non-weather proof LED Strip is ideal for indoor while the weather proof LED strip is silicone encased and is good for both indoor and outdoor usage round the year.

Linear Lighting

Linear lightings are the linear suspensions that are alluring yet relaxed and are ideal lightings for the modernised kitchens and dining rooms. It creates beautiful light and has a variety of finish, shade, step and length options. Its shade is perfectly offset with the overall arrangements of the accents andcreates stunning lighting effects throughout your home.

We are the authorised dealer for the best of the brands so, with us, you can be sure of buying a genuine product at reasonable rates.