LED Linear both designs and manufactures its own products in UK and China. Even some of the accessories that we source through a number of chosen partners are manufactured in UK too. Others are of European origin and further still from all around the world – all however have been carefully chosen as being of high quality and suitable for our own products.
LED Flex only uses the highest quality LED Chips in the manufacturing of our products. Furthermore the LEDs used on single products are from single bins, resulting in very homogeneous light output.

The maximum distance between driver and fixture is depending on the cable cross section and on the fixture length respectively wattage. If the length of the fixture is increasing the maximum distance between driver and fixture decreases. To allow longer distances the cable cross section can be increased.

Please refer to the respective section of the main catalogue to get an overview about maximum cable lengths for specific fixture lengths and cable cross sections.

The maximum fixture length connected in series to a single driver equals the reel length of the strip incorporated into the fixture (i.e. the length of the strip on one reel). Greater lengths can be connected to a single driver if they are wired in parallel, as long as the driver has sufficient wattage for the attached fixtures.
No. As soon as the encapsulation of the luminaire is being physically damaged, the will lose its IP-protection and possibly even its functionality. Also the warranty will be void.