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3News Ireland

3News established themselves as Ireland's first independent television news provider after they launched in 1998. This news hub produces news and current affairs programming for the TV3 Group based in Ireland. The TV3 Group's News and Current Affairs department holds responsibility for producing 3News content which is available on television, online, mobile and on-demand and available across its three channels.

In 2017, 3 million was invested in news output by the broadcaster, featuring a state of the art studio which launched on 4 September 2017. For this extensive refurbishment program, the lighting designer, Peter Canning, wanted lighting that could visually highlight the connection between the two spaces within the hub.

The hub is an integrated studio and newsroom space that uses strong, dynamic visuals that accentuates the affiliation between news gathering and news presentation. The new design, created by the network's in-house designer, Fiona Cunningham, and lighting design by Peter Canning, includes two sets of curved, internally lit grounds of bands that frame the design.

It was important for the studio to be installed with lighting which could be adjusted in colour, especially to their signature purple, but most importantly to not flicker when filming. As a result, our chosen lighting was DMX Flex which has an ultra-bright, flicker-free modular system ideal for displaying videos and images. Our DMX Flex was designed specifically for stage shows, television studios, and other commercial applications.

This luminaire was installed around the video wall, and arranged in a staggered and stepped array all the way over to the windows overlooking the newsroom. For the other unit, our lighting is wrapped around the other half of the studio as well as around the platforms placed under the anchor desk. By using the movement of light, our DMX Flex successfully ties the two spaces together, while also suggesting the pulsating data streams and the flow of information.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Workplace
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Completion: September 2017
Lighting Design: Peter Canning, High Res Lighting Design
Set Design: Fiona Cunningham
Client: Location, Lighting & Power Ltd

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