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BBC Belfast
BBC Belfast

BBC Belfast

The BBC's presence in Northern Ireland first began in 1924 with the first broadcast from 2BE, the call sign allotted to the Belfast station of the British Broadcasting Company. Once 2BE became part of the newly established British Broadcasting Corporation in 1927, its services continued to grow more rapidly to meet the demands of a fast-changing news agenda.

Today, BBC Northern Ireland provides television, radio, online and interactive television content, and has two TV channels; BBC One Northern Ireland and BBC Two Northern Ireland, and two radio stations; BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle.

For the radio stations, Jago Design required a colour-changing wall wash feature lighting that could change to different colours in order to highlight the theme for the different shows which BBC Northern Ireland broadcast on their radio programme. The Ultra Bright RGB Flex was the ideal choice with its ability to deliver vibrant colours from a high quality RGB SMD Chip.
The Ultra Bright range offers a balanced design for efficiency and performance. Furthermore, the close proximity of the high-powered LEDs creates the illusion of an endless line of light. It is ideally suited to any application where colour is needed. The extensive colour pallet and perfect colour mixing will complement a magnitude of applications.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Workplace
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Completion: March 2017
Lighting Design: Jago Design
Photographer: Kieran Morgan

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