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In Spring 2017, The British Museum showcased 'The American Dream: Pop to the Present', the UK's first major exhibition to chart modern and contemporary American printmaking. The exhibition explores the creativity of a medium which prospered through some of the most compelling and turbulent years in US history, and that accompanied a period when its wealth, power and cultural influence had never been greater.

There were displays of more than 200 works by 70 artists, from Andy Warhol, to Kara Walker, whom all engaged with printmaking to create some of the most fantastic pieces from the early 1960s when pop art first appeared on the scenes, through to the present day in the year 2017.

The lighting designers, DHA Designs, required lighting that could enhance the displayed artwork as well as linking in with the exhibitions theme. In order to provide a bright 'pop' of lighting, we provided the Eco Flex 120 alongside our SK Profile, and Maxi Neon 2400K.
The Eco Flex 120 and Maxi Neon both have a high luminous output, which have the perfect shade of lighting which do not alter the true colours of the artwork. Additionally, The British Museum have the ability to dim the light to the preferred level of brightness as the lighting is dimmable thanks to our HLG 150 driver.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Museums and Heritage
Location: London, United Kingdom
Completion: March 2017
Lighting Design: DHA Designs
Design: Nissen Richards Studio

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